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Building Faith to Film

Faith to Film partners with The Great Commission Foundation.

The GCF works exclusively with Christian ministries and projects in a cooperative relationship. GCF enables us to focus on our work and gives us peace of mind that our donations are being handled with care and that all donors will be issued a charitable receipt for their giving.

To learn about donating via pre-authorized debit, click here. Or, make your donation by simply filling out the form below. 

Reformed Confessions

If you search Reformed Confessions on Google, you will likely find a list of churches who have these documents as statements of faith on their websites, or possibly some links to individual confessions with a commentary. These documents are at the core of our Reformed faith and yet they have no true home. No location with everything you could want on our confessions. Faith to Film is looking to create this site. A professionally designed and maintained site with all of our confessions. We want to add a vast array of extended learning material for them including animated videos, historical documentaries, extended commentary and sermon libraries.

Essential Truths

Essential truths was our first series production. It was created to fill a need in our reformed community for concise and attractive explanations of the rich theology we hold dear. This series takes Reformed theology and explains it in a way that is easy to understand without watering down the truth of its message. We have so far created over 30 videos in this series. We hope to continue developing this project and create more videos on our essential truths. 


Apologetics is a series that branched off our series, Essential Truths. We wanted to create a series that focused on helping Christians defend their faith. These short videos take the common questions a Christian hears and gives clear answers that are easy to remember. This series is currently in production.


Calvinism was the first project we created. It was designed to explain the history and theology of the Reformed faith in an engaging and concise way. Through this project we established our conviction in creating high-end content that elevates Reformed theology and makes its truth accessible and clear.


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