One of God’s attributes is His incomprehensibility. As finite creatures, we are unable to fully comprehend our infinite God. Does this mean that we can know nothing about God? By no means! The doctrine of the incomprehensibility of God is simply that our knowledge of God is limited, falling short of a total or complete knowledge. Lovingly, God reveals Himself to us, and we can know God to the degree that He chooses to reveal Himself. God’s revelation to us includes His general revelation, where we see His existence in creation and our human consciences, as well as His special revelation, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. God’s special revelation in the Scriptures is God’s specific, detailed and extensive revelation that gives us insight into the character of God, informs us of our need for salvation through Jesus Christ, and instructs us in how to follow and love Him. (See for more information on God’s special revelation, the Bible)


John Calvin had a helpful analogy when we look at God’s revelation in the Bible. It was that as a parent engages in “baby talk” when addressing their infant children, so God, condescends to speak in lisps when communicating with us lowly mortals. It is important to note that this analogy does not intend to downplay the depth or richness of what God has revealed to us, but rather it communicates how little our understanding is compared to the greatness of our God. 

How amazing it is that the creator and sustainer of the universe has stooped down to reveal Himself to us through the Bible, so that we may have knowledge about Him. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the Bible will also lead us to know Him personally. God desires that we have a personal relationship with Him, because He loves us. He desires us to know Him, because He has first known us.


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