In the Bible we find accounts of demon possession. But what is a demon? And what does that mean for us today?


Demons are fallen angels, who joined Satan in his rebellion and were cast out of heaven with him. Demons are real supernatural beings who are subservient to Satan. If we take the Bible seriously, we must take demons seriously as well.


We don’t see demon possession commonly in the 21st century. Why then, are there so many appearances of demons during the time of Jesus and the apostolic age? It would seem that as Christ was in the midst of victory against sin and Satan, Satan made his last stand against our Redeemer. Satan pulls out all the stops, as it were. He tempts Christ (and fails in luring Jesus to sin), and his minions face him through those possessed (which fails as we see they were in fear of Jesus and subject to his authority). As the Bible tells us, Satan was defeated by the work of Christ. With the resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the power of Satan and his demons was severely diminished.


While demons still exist, and continue to act, their level and severity of activity are severely restricted. This doesn’t mean that demons are powerless. Demons are still real, and the apostle Paul points out that although the idols that pagans worship do not exist- demons who instigate and propagate idol worship do exist. With the closing of the New Testament Scriptures, we don’t have the divine commentary to confirm whether something is being caused by demonic activity or something else.


The knowledge of the existence and power of demons ought not to cause an abundance of fear in the Christian. While a demon may certainly harass or attack a Christian, Christians have the Holy Spirit dwelling within. The presence of the Holy Spirit is stronger than any demon that might attack, and guarantees liberty from demonic possession. As we see in the accounts of demon possession, demons flee from the presence of God. 


With the Holy Spirit within, demons cannot possess a Christian. Take comfort in the salvation freely offered through Jesus Christ, who saves us from sin, and from Satan and all his minions.


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