The Lord said in Genesis that the two shall become one flesh

Today's video is on the topic of marriage. Looking for some answers, Kyle and I went to Trinity Reformed Church to get pastor van Eyk's thoughts on the subject. This is Faith to Film.

Marriage is not a human construct but was instituted by God at creation and is to be a lifelong, exclusive, covenanted relationship between one man and one woman. 

What was marriage designed for? 

Marriage was designed for the glory of God shown in a variety of ways. First of all God gave marriage so that men and women could complete one another and together fulfill the mandate that God had given to Adam and Eve at creation in the beginning. Secondly, a marriage is given for the mutual companionship of the male and the female. God said that it was not good that man should be alone, therefore He created a helper fit for him. Thirdly, marriage is the environment, the sphere in which children are brought forth and fourthly, marriage is given to us to illustrate the relationship between Christ and His church. Marriage is a creation ordinance. That means that even unbelievers can share in this good gift that God has given. Believers however, are commanded by God to marry in the lord so that a Christian ought only to marry a fellow believer. 

How does a marriage illustrate Christ and His church? 

Marriage illustrates the relationship between Christ and His church in a couple of ways. Just as Christ is the head of the church, so is the husband the head of his wife. Just as the church lovingly submits to Christ, so the wife is to lovingly submit to her husband. Finally the one flesh union between husband and wife, the Lord said in Genesis that the two shall become one flesh is an illustration of the union that exists between Christ and His people. Christ being the head and the church being His body. Because marriage is an institution of God and an illustration of the relationship between Christ and His church, Christian husbands and wives ought to be very careful how they conduct themselves within marriage. Infidelity and abandonment are not only contrary to God's design and therefore are biblical grounds for divorce, but these covenant breaking actions speak falsely about the precious relationship that exists between Christ the bridegroom and His blood-bought bride.


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