Omniscience means “to have all (omni) knowledge (science).” God is aware of, understands, and comprehends all things past, present and future. There are no surprises for God. Not only does He know all things that have existed, exist now, or will exist, He also has perfect knowledge of what could have existed (all possibilities). God is able to know all things because He is eternal and infinite. His omniscience also flows naturally from His omnipotence and omnipresence (having all power and being present in all places).


Only God can be omniscient as He is the only infinite and eternal being. Humans, on the other hand, are finite. The knowledge of finite creatures is limited because of their limitations.


God’s omniscience of all things is a comfort to those who love Him - God knows our circumstances, understands them and is in control of them. The doctrine of God’s omniscience reminds us that people cannot hide from God. The unbeliever may think that God cannot see all they do, but He does. Sinners, by nature, try to hide their sin and shame. However, there is no place where God’s gaze fails to reach.


God’s omniscience is part of His ability to be a perfect judge. He is just, and has promised to bring justice to the world. For a judge to render a perfectly just verdict, He must first know all of the facts. God has all the evidence to condemn us; so we must turn to faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, through whom forgiveness of all our sins is freely offered. As Christians we can take comfort knowing that God knows all things, knows all our sins, and yet will spare us of the punishment we justly deserve, by placing the punishment instead on His only Son.


Alleluia! What a Saviour!


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